About the Landscape Education Project

About the Kent Downs Landscape Education Project

Inspirational Landscapes for Learning and Play

The Landscape Education Project introduces children and adults to the heritage of an iconic landscape and beautiful countryside, the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. These specially designed walks for children will give them an experience they will never forget. With the addition of creative learning linked to the curriculum, the children will experience a stimulating day through the use of an inspirational tool, the Kent Downs countryside.

 “Children are the future. If you give them access to the countryside, they’ll protect it.” said Kate Humble

The walks link to the national curriculum and encompass generic activity worksheets, literacy and poetry.  With the additional feature of subjects such as the Anglo-Saxons, the Tudors, the Romans or WWII, the children can discover how these subjects have shaped the landscape characteristics of the Kent Downs over time.  School children can use a variety of creative learning tools such as storytelling, drawing, digital photography, maps, aerial photographs, maths and games to learn about the site.

What an opportunity; click on ‘Choose a walk near me’ and Summerhouse Hill from Arpingediscover 24 walks on this website to take key stage 2 children for a walk outside in the Kent Downs countryside.  Each walk varies in distance between 1.5 miles (2.4km) and 4.0 miles (6.4km) long with some steep terrain and uneven ground.  Check each walk for accessibility and distance.  These walks at stunning and iconic locations in the Kent Downs can be undertaken by anybody, just follow the route on the map and enjoy the views.

This website guides teachers step by step through the pages to acquire the appropriate resources required for each walk.  These are all downloadable as a generic pack or individually for a variation in the walk on the relevant walk page under ‘Choose a walk near me’.  These resources are also accompanied with maps, details and directions, supplementary topics and risk assessments.  With a dedicated lesson plan and a wide range of subject resources for each walk, any school can participate. 

Once at the walk site, the primary school children can learn about the heritage of the chosen site through creative activities undertaken at dedicated activity points on the walk.  Worksheets can be used at the site or later back a school.   Follow the route indicated on the map and everybody will enjoy a memorable day out in the countryside.


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